Lowell - High Enough

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On her 2014 debut album, We Loved Her DearlyLowell arrived as a confident young singer-songwriter on a wave of inspiration. Brimming with ideas that challenged conventions of pop music, songs like “The Bells” and “I Love You Money” pointed to the many different dimensions of Lowell’s unique character. Equal parts art-punk brat and sex-positive icon, Lowell’s music confronted issues like LGBTQ and women’s rights with unbridled courage, lifted by the exultance of dance-floor dream-pop. “Her music is sweet,” noted NPR, “but with an intentional inseparable grit.” 

On “High Enough” that grit and beauty comes into sharper focus. Produced by Grammy and Juno Award-nominated Zale Epstein (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q), and mixed by Davey Badiuk (Dragonette, Tegan and Sara), “High Enough” is Lowell’s clearest and most restrained music to date. Whereas “Cloud 69” spilled over with energy, the granular electronics, liquid rhythm, and infinite echo of “High Enough” are in perfect harmony. “High Enough” pays great attention to Lowell’s patent sonic detail, blending cinematic atmosphere with an undeniable beat. Known for her collaborations with artists like Icona Pop, Apparatjik, Grandtheft, and more, “High Enough” shows Lowell settling into her own element. 

The first single from an EP to be released later this summer, “High Enough” offers an alternate view of the checkered past Lowell chronicled on We Loved Her Dearly. Entitled Part 1: PARIS YK, the three-song collection looks back on a formative period of her life, inspired by the grey-scale landscape of Canada’s Yukon, the far-northern territory where Lowell spent time growing up. Intuiting the northern lights and tundra with synonymous sound, Lowell blends music and image, personifying the stark Canadian North in contrast with her vibrant life as a musician.

1. High Enough

2. High Enough (Edit)